Brilliant Online Event Ideas for College Students

It’s been difficult to accept that we are doing more online these days. Many university students had to go online to survive the pandemic. They could not attend classes in person and were restricted from attending social events.

You’ve likely thought of the many benefits that online events for university students can bring to you as an event creator. They make it easy for students to meet other students across the country and beyond campus. These events are also less expensive and easier to organize since you don’t need to dress up or take Uber.

University students are tech-savvy and have a good understanding of virtual connections. This makes them a great audience for online events. Offers a robust, virtual platform that allows you to connect with streaming services. This makes it easier than ever to create virtual events that include the latest technology and appeal to a younger audience. This new trend is now possible.

Keep your crowd entertained –

Distractions are a constant problem with virtual events. Virtual events are often attended by people who live at home, have access to social media or other attractions, so it is important to keep them focused on the screen.

  1. Protect your tech. When technical issues strike, it is the fastest way to lose attention and distract your audience. Problems can quickly spiral if you lose audio or visuals or attendees can’t access or disconnect from the stream. Make sure you test and retest all connections to ensure they work properly. Allows you to integrate with streaming platforms such as Zoom and Vimeo. This makes it simple to ensure that your streaming is up-to-date.
  2. Get a tech specialist. While you may not know the most recent innovations in wire capacity, or the best video coding formats, they will help you. This way, when problems occur, you won’t waste time trying to solve them – or lose the attention your online audience. A specialist could recognize and fix it in minutes.
  3. Check your visuals. There should be no distractions, such as the dog from the family or windows that look out onto busy streets. Ensure that there are no moving TVs or other distracting activities that could draw attention away from the area where you want it to be. You might also want to try out the special features of your platform. Zoom allows you to swap your live background for a photo or pattern, so you can keep your home private and the focus on you and your presenters.
  4. Make it more interesting with breakouts. You can break up an online presentation by creating break-out rooms. These rooms allow you to divide your attendees into smaller groups to foster intimacy and greater engagement. This helps to foster conversation between participants and improves the event’s pace. Each group should have its own theme. Then, reconvene to share your findings.
  5. Encourage interaction. Interactive components can help keep your message in front of the crowd. To encourage participation, include online polls and questions.

Top online events for university students

It can be difficult to develop ideas for virtual events for university students. Digital media is a part of the university culture. They quickly recognize fake content. They are open to trying new platforms and sharing new ideas. They are open to trying new things, especially if they find it interesting, challenging, or fun.

  1. TEDx talks can raise everyone’s IQ. TED talks have quickly earned a reputation for being innovative and engaging presentations by some of the most creative thinkers in the world. Event organisers can also brand similar events as TEDx talks through the organisation that puts together TED talks. However, event presenters must meet certain criteria. This can make it easy for your event’s to draw attention to a well-respected brand.
  2. Crafty activity. Cooking classes are great ways to engage university students. You can make them relevant to your target audience by limiting the number of ingredients and simplifying the recipe. Maggie Beer can handle the butter clarifications and wine reductions. Instead, try new ways to reimagine classic favorites like subs, pizzas, and burgers. Keep the crafts in mind for university-level purposes. You can show off cool ideas for decorating your apartment or style old clothes in a quirky op shop fashion.
  3. Film festival. The younger generation prefers to stream movies online to going to the cinema. An online film festival is a great way for them to be entertained. You can make the festival unique by putting a new spin on it. While Marvel and horror movies are popular among this age group, you might also consider making Marvel movies or other Marvel films a part of your festival. Maybe your schedule will be dominated by superhero movies from the 1930s to 1940s with titles such as ‘The Phantom’ or ‘The Shadow’. You can also stream horror films from other countries, such as Japan’s Onibaba or Denmark’s The Vampyr. For an extra challenge, make it a 24-hour marathon.
  4. Mentors are available for everyone. It’s a great idea to have someone to guide you when you start your career or life. Mentorship is a common skill at universities. Many have administrative staff who can help. To bring mentors and students together virtually, reach out to universities. To give the event structure, you should focus on different areas.
  5. Show off your brainpower. Set up an event to let students display their knowledge in extracurricular subjects. Watch the competition heat up as you give out prizes and invite the winners to participate.
  6. Learn and lunch. Students go to university to learn. Why not host a series lunch events that allow students to have a more personal experience with experts in different fields? Invite outside experts or local business leaders to show students how the world works and what it takes to succeed. You can also share your Uber Eats order photos and make it a group event.
  7. Perform a whodunit. Add an artistic element to the event by using murder mystery. It’s a great way for students to form bonds and to work together to find the killer. To make the production even more fun, ask participants to wear costumes that match the characters of the mystery.
  8. Get out there and do it. Students at university often prioritize exercise and physical fitness. Gyms are common in student accommodation buildings and student centres. You can appeal to their active side by hosting online yoga and body-weight training sessions. You can use a range of energetic physical trainers or yoga instructors to teach the class. This will prove that virtual events are as much about physical activity and interaction with a computer screen.

Tips to keep university students safe online

Online events should be treated as a regular event. Your attendees can still be inappropriately behave while they are online, even though they may be at home. Your guests have access to chat rooms, breakout sessions, messaging apps, and other tools that can be exploited by others. It is your responsibility as the event host to make sure your event is safe. Here are some tips:

  1. Registration is required. The event will be restricted to those who register and give their contact information and names. Potential offenders will be more cooperative when they know they can be identified.
  2. What is the secret password? Keep your link to your event password protected and only give it to registered attendees. Attendees’ expectations of appropriate behavior are lower when events are open to everyone without registration or requiring a password. A password is a sign that attendees have higher expectations.
  3. Get your platform tested. Establish a dress rehearsal. Your staff can access the event to test the chat rooms and other features. This will ensure that there are no security issues. This time can be used to check your audio and video systems.

In minutes, create online events for university students

Students at university are diverse and have many interests which can open up many opportunities for you. Once you have made sure that your tech is in good working order, it is time to brainstorm ideas and decide what will work best for this audience. 

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