Corporate Event Management Australia Best Practices

What is the role of a corporate event manager?

Corporate event managers are responsible for creating and developing large corporate events, which are typically B2B, such as conventions, meetings, virtual and online events, and town halls. The corporate event manager leads and oversees the corporate event management group, which is made up of event planners. Event coordinators and event specialists.

Corporate Event Management: The 5Cs

  • Concept: An event idea that is born out of a desire to accomplish a specific action. All stakeholders and event planners should understand the goals of their event.
  • Planning and Processes – The coordination of the event. The event management software will be used, as well as event budgets, plans, and strategies.
  • Control Determining who is responsible for specific aspects of an event. From the coordination phase, the planning of the event can be put into action.
  • Culmination – Event day! On an actual day, the corporate event manager’s job is to manage visitors, suppliers, and staff and take care of front event corporate management.
  • Closing Evaluation stage – closing the event, reflecting, and concluding. Returning to the event and comparing it with the KPIs.

Corporate Event Management Best practices

Set Smart Goals

You need to set event goals as part of your corporate event management strategy. You will plan and execute an event without clear goals if you don’t have event goals. All stakeholders and the events team should take time to identify the goals of the event.

Create SMART goals that are specific, measurable, and achievable. They should also be timely. A goal for an event could be to increase attendance at all online events by 20% in Q1. All marketing and sales goals must be aligned.

Use Event Management Software

It can be hard to stay on top of all the moving parts involved in event planning. The first step in a successful corporate event is to use an event management system to plan, manage, and implement your event.

You can use an event management program to manage your corporate events. This allows you to automate the invitations, registrations, and all of your contact information.

Manage Contacts
Your event management software can be used to create databases, segment data, and improve your marketing efforts. You can edit and update your registrations on the move with an event management platform. This will help you stay organized and track attendees during event days.

Integrate your CRM
You can find more information on integration a href= “”>here./a> Here’s more on integration.

Event Promotion

The event marketing and promotion teams are closely involved in corporate event management. It includes creating event assets such as invitations, registrations, websites and landing pages, and event communications, including email marketing, offline and online advertising, and event communications.

Email Marketing
You can use your event management platform as an email marketing service. You can use this tool to create event assets, such as registration and invitation forms, and segment your database by location, interest, and engagement rates. Each segment should have its campaigns and send emails based on the actions of each segment.

Social media
Use hashtags and social media to promote your event, along with email marketing and event marketing. Plan your social media campaign as part of your event plan. Discuss which social handles and hashtags will be used. Include social media posts as part of a larger event plan.

Websites and Landing Pages
Create a landing page or dedicated website for your event. This will be your primary contact point for potential registrants. You can create a dedicated website to promote your event if you have the time and resources.

It is much easier and quicker to create a landing page than a website. Create landing pages for every step of the registration process and use strong CTAs to encourage people to register. Use your landing page to showcase your events if you have multiple sessions or events.

What is a Corporate Event Management Agency (CEMA)?

The agencies handle the majority of tasks associated with managing and planning a corporate event. This includes (but is not limited to)

  • Organizing event logistics (sourcing of a venue, liaison with vendors, etc.)
  • Program Development (Coming up with Event Content)
  • Organizing entertainment and catering
  • Marketing an Event
  • Manage event registration
  • On-the-day event management (such as supplying a conference manager).
  • Administrative tasks from pre-event planning through to post-event reporting

It may be worth it to hire an agency that specializes in corporate event management if your company is regularly involved in corporate events.

Are you looking for an event management company that can manage corporate events in Australia? This is a list of some of the most well-known agencies…

Australian Event Management Companies

Catalyst Events Solutions

Catalyst Event Solutions is a boutique agency for corporate event management located in Sydney. They also have teams in Melbourne, Brisbane, and other cities. They plan and manage corporate events, as well as those for government, non-profits, and associations.

Past client events include:

  • The EEC Team National Conference
  • Organising Committee Association National Conference
  • International Conference on Intensive Care
  • National Tourism Alliance Gala Dinners

Liberty Events

Livert Events, an event management firm based in Melbourne, is a company that specializes in managing corporate events. They plan, create, and execute corporate events not just in Melbourne but also in Australia and the Asia Pacific. They specialize in roadshows, residential conferences, galas, and more. They have experience in managing events of up to 1,000 guests.

Past client events include:

  • Melbourne Water – OzWater ’19 conference
  • Stockdale & Leggo – Annual Awards Gala Dinner
  • GlaxoSmithKline – Annual Sales Conference & Gala Dinner

Phoenix Creative Management

Phoenix Creative Management, an events and marketing company based in Melbourne, is a leading agency for both. They can help you design and implement your corporate event, as well as the marketing strategy that will help it reach its goals.

Clients/events in the past include:

  • Soul & Wolf – NO/BS Conference
  • Global Staff Conference – AfterPay
  • Adopt Changa – Gala

Virtual Corporate Event Management

If you live in a place with strict social distance measures, then it’s likely that you will laugh at the idea of “sourcing a venue” or “finding a catering company.” Who knows when large corporate galas and conferences will be possible?

The benefits of corporate events are still valid, whether they can be held face-to-face. 52% of respondents who were asked about events and their importance in marketing strategy stated that events drive more results compared to other marketing channels.

Do not give up corporate events yet. Even if you’re not a socially restricted person, you can still reap the benefits of corporate events. Consider managing corporate events online.

You can get some inspiration from our Virtual Event Management Handbook.

Powerful Event Management Software

You can save time and avoid headaches even if your corporate event is held virtually by hiring a corporate event agency to handle much of the process.

While a virtual event may not require venue or vendor sourcing tasks, it still poses other challenges, such as knowing how to use video conference software and how to manage best and produce a real event on a digital platform to provide value to attendees.

Corporate event management experts can help you overcome these obstacles.

Are you planning a virtual event or conference? You can use our Guide to Virtual Event Planning and our handy checklist for virtual event planning.

Virtual Event Checklist

Are you planning a virtual event? Download our handy checklist for designing a virtual event.


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