The AV Audit 2.0: Breaking down AV Quotes

We are back with the second edition of AV Audi. Today, we will be breaking down AV quotations. You know that analyzing AV quotations can be a stressful task. We at Endless want to make this process as easy as possible. We will be breaking down AV quotations live and walking you through every step so that you are better informed on how it all works.

We understand how confusing things may appear at first. You’re perfectly normal not to understand everything you read or hear. No need to worry! Will Curran of Endless Events and Andrew Latimer from Endless Events break down AV quotes to help you better understand how you can get the most value for your money? They also explain what you should be looking for and how you can dissect a quote. It’s time to start the show!

AV Audit: Core information

The core information regarding your event must be stated clearly. Your quotes will depend on many factors, including the date and location of your event. Be as precise as you can with the dates and locations of your event. Everything should be as clear as a bell.

Loss Damage Waiver

You might not be familiar with this term. A loss damage waiver is a kind of insurance that they give you. It could be hidden under the Terms and Conditions. Clarify this so that you do not end up with a large bill for damaged material. You’ll have insurance, especially if you are the client. Different names will call it, but it should still be there.

Breaking Down AV Quotations: The Meat & Bones


Nowadays, it’s standard practice to not charge for WiFi. It’s amazing; as we have discussed in our last AV audit, pay close attention to the following. If it’s 100 percent legit, you won’t get charged 30K or even more for the Internet. Second, look closely at the WiFi description. Does the bandwidth match what you plan to do at your event?

Do your research and run some tests. How many devices are involved? Do you need more? You don’t want to attend an event with a poor connection. This scenario is a lose-lose situation for everyone! Even if it seems cheap, the final cost can be very high.

The Detail

This quote is very specific. When we look at the first space, we can see not only how many pieces of equipment are there but why they’re there. There will be X microphones here, Y there, and Z with these particular characteristics.

Be sure to include any additional costs that may arise that weren’t included in the original quote. You might have to upgrade from an analog to a digital mix for better sound. Digital is cheaper and offers better quality, so don’t be fooled!

If you are setting up a conference, the participants will be given a dial-in. You will need a telephone line. If you don’t want to use this kind of old-school technology, there are other options. Zoom or Skype can be great choices but also pay attention to whether the venue has WiFi.


You may be surprised at the amount you’re paying for technicians. Why are you charged for 10 hours if it is only a 3-hour event? Remember that operating equipment requires more than simply being present when the event begins. They have to arrive at the venue by 5 am to set everything up and then to load out. They will use those ten hours!

You may be tempted to reduce the amount of labor. Can one technician operate all the equipment? Yes, but it can get them into trouble. Less is not more when it comes to work. When something happens, and only one person can handle it, but they have a thousand things to do, the situation could turn sour.

Consider a manager as the central point of contact. This person knows the location and nature of the problem and can assign the appropriate people to resolve it. It is important to have someone who makes everyone’s life easier. Consider having a team dedicated to each room, especially if it is a large space. It’s important to have a dedicated team for wireless mics, video switching, and multiple laptop sources.

Breaking down AV quotes: To the Nerdy

In the Main Room – Audio

You’ll probably have a main space for your event. Here’s where all the important stuff happens! Check out Catchbox’s throwable mic if you are considering doing a Q&A. It’s a better option than the traditional hand-held microphone because it adds dynamism to your event. If there aren’t any microphone stands available, you may be charged labor because you will need to have people hand out the microphones.

Consider a Lavalier mic if your panel does not consist of only podium speakers. Will recommends having an extra microphone so that you can avoid rushing. Imagine you have to run to the speaker that just finished and rip off his microphone, then immediately tape it on the next speaker. Stress can lead to mistakes. Make the transition seamless!

In the Main Room – Video

A good switcher is something you should invest more in. It will make your presentations more natural and prevent awkward pauses between them. It’s an extra cost, but it will ensure that your event is successful and without any small, avoidable flaws.

You can also ask for their opinion on the projector. We can see from this quote that it is very low-quality, non-HD equipment. Be careful, and question. Take into account the amount of light. This quote gives us a 5500 Lumen, which is insufficient. This is especially true when you consider the quality of your projectors. The best option in this case is to increase the brightness to 7000 so that everyone can see clearly what’s being shown.

This quote is missing a slide advancer (or clicker if you’re nerdy). They are very cheap, and they make things much easier. You can click instead of having someone pass the slides onto the computer. Some of them have timers and can control multiple computers at once.

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