Tips for Hotel Managers: How to Influence a Planner’s Venue Selection

Meeting and event planners have a lot on their plates, and it’s only getting more so.

In the Australia edition of the 2019 Cvent Planner Sourcing Report, over 70% of planners were surveyed and said that they manage at least 11 events per year. The planners are organizing more events with more attendees and bigger budgets. They have more work to do and expect more from hotels and venues.

This is because, despite the increased workload, quality cannot be compromised. The pressure is still on planners to make each event exciting and profitable.

Partner up with them. Hotels that have strong relationships can help planners create memorable experiences and achieve their financial goals. Consider these hotel manager tips to influence planners’ decisions. This will help you maximize your hotel’s strategy, accurately respond to RFPs, and convert more business.

You need to know these hotel manager tips:


Even though event planners are restricted to their own homes today, they still source venues for future events. Virtual tours can help them digitally discover your venue. Cvent Tables and other online technology tools can be used to showcase our event space’s layout and any additional benefits our venue offers. Hotels are expected to provide more flexibility in the design of their spaces and make decisions with greater transparency. Cvent Social Tables allows you to create a 3D diagram of your event space that can be customized according to the needs of planners.

Visuals are becoming a vital part of virtual and hybrid events. Planners might not look for a large and luxurious venue for a virtual event. However, they should find a venue that has the essentials, such as audio/visual equipment and a podium. The venue is even more crucial in the case of hybrid events.

Venue tip: Show the planner how unique your venue is and how it will help make their event a success. You can provide a 3D model of your venue or additional photos that are customized to satisfy the planner’s visualization of the event.

Grow your hotel business with these tips for hotel managers


In the post-COVID era, it is expected that most events will be hybrid. Venues must have the technology and infrastructure to host hybrid events. Hoteliers need more than just great Wi-Fi. To stay competitive, hoteliers must upgrade their technology in order to have a solid digital infrastructure.

Hybrid events combine both in-person and online elements. Therefore, it is important to provide flawless support on-site. Be sure to include all the information that planners’ AV and streaming partners need to know. Let them know that your venue has the latest technology and that you have a team of technicians who can guide a remote audience through any issues.

Venue Tip: As planners look for innovative ways to create unforgettable experiences, you can leverage online tools like 360-degree video and interactive live video tours to showcase your venue and the hybrid event technology it offers.

Provide a seamless booking experience and build relationships

Booking the right group and delivering a great planner experience is key to securing repeat business and ensuring you get the business.

You should ensure that all interactions with planners are professional and that the entire sourcing process is smooth and simple. You could give planners the push they need to choose you, whether it’s their first event or a return customer.

The time and effort required to source, research, and compare proposals is the most difficult part of the venue selection for planners. Planners appreciate prompt responses to RFPs. However, speed is not everything. It must also be accurate and thorough. Pay attention to the details that planners are looking for and be proactive when offering solutions. It is better to give a complete and correct answer than one that is rushed, leaving many blanks.

The increase in “simple” meetings also provides more opportunities for hoteliers and planners to develop relationships. According to a study by the Global Business Travel Association, 50% of corporate meetings have “simple requirements” and are, therefore, easy to replicate.

Hoteliers can establish a partnership with planners, who are often not formally trained and don’t book events of this nature. Making the booking process as easy and smooth as possible could result in future group business with the same client.

Venue tip: The experience is important, not only for the attendees but also for planners. Nearly 60% of planners have said they will not return to a venue due to the lack of professionalism of the sales staff. Focus on making the experience easy and smooth for planners. It’s also just good customer service.


The planners want more than just a venue at the right price. They need to partner with someone who can create an event experience. They are looking for unique and out-of-the-box venues or those that are near transportation and attractions. They are looking for a seamless and professional booking process, with prompt and courteous staff.

Hoteliers who focus on these areas can achieve current and future success by booking meetings and events.

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