6 Tips for Throwing a Cocktail Party

1. Begin with the drinks

Blender favorites are better than those that require individual attention when it comes to creating the perfect cocktail menu for a crowd. Mixing refreshing and rich cocktails will allow your guests to explore a variety of flavors throughout the evening. These are just a few of the many cocktail recipes we offer to help you get started.

2. You can’t beat sangria

Spanish sangria is a great choice if you want a simple punch everyone will enjoy. This is a great make-ahead refresher that is easy to make and can be paired with your favorite cocktails. You can add your sangria in a glass dispenser with small taps to make it more convenient for people to refill their cups.

3. Choose make-ahead finger food

The main event is all about the cocktails, but make sure to pair the right canapes with it. You can prepare dishes ahead of time and then gently heat them. Or you can grab a dish straight from the fridge to serve right before your guests arrive.

4. Make the perfect bar

A bar area is key to a great cocktail party. This allows people to have a drink and leaves the rest of the space free for everyone to mingle. Make sure to have all the essentials, such as bottle openers and corkscrews, available so that people can help themselves. Stock piles of napkins, jugs with iced water and other items that can be used between cocktails are also good options.

5. Remember to bring ice!

Although it may seem simple, in the rush to get everything done, it is easy to forget about buying ice. Pick up enough ice at the right time for the party to start. To keep wine, champagne and beer cold, make sure you have an extra bag.

6. Make sure to stock up on mason-jars

You don’t need glasses to get you through all the drinks. Instead, stock up on mason jars at your local dollar store. These jars are not only trendy, but they can also be used as vases, bottling containers, or trinket holders.

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