10 Tips for Hosting a Dinner Party

1. Learn to cook what you know

It can be tempting to experiment with new recipes when you think about what you want to cook. This can cause stress and even disaster. Pick dishes that you are familiar with and enjoy, as this will allow for easy cooking. You can choose one dish you are interested in trying, and allow yourself enough time to prepare it.

2. Take the initiative to plan ahead

You don’t have to be stuck in the kitchen all night. Choose dishes that can easily be made ahead of time. You can save time by making a simple soup, stew, or beautiful tart the night before.

3. Take a look at the entire menu

This means that dishes should be harmonious with one another. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to serve everything in French, Indian, or Thai. But it does mean that the flavours must be harmonious. You can find some ideas in our menus.

4. It is important to write it down

Write down your chosen menu once you have decided. To ensure that you don’t forget anything, create a detailed shopping list as well as a separate list of to-dos. Keep them updated as you go and mark each item as you finish it.

5. Choose your shortcuts

You don’t have to make everything yourself. If you do, it is okay to use pre-made jams, spreads, and pastries. For the best homemade options, visit your local deli.

6. Don’t forget your nibbles

You should always have something to nibble on if you are running behind or people arrive earlier than expected. It’s all about easy-to-assemble nibbles and pairing them well with a beverage. You can think cheese biscuits and gougeres as well as dips and a few olives.

7. Drinks are the key!

It can be tempting to just pour a bottle wine alongside your dinner. But, you should also make sure that non-drinkers are well taken care of by adding a bottle sparkling water or an alcohol-free punch. Make a jug with your favorite cocktail and serve it as the guests arrive.

8. Before you start, lay your table.

The busiest part of the day is just before everyone arrives, so don’t rush to set the table. You should instead set up your table as soon as possible. Don’t be too fussy, as you don’t want your home to feel like a restaurant.

9. Select the right music

Music can make a big impact on the mood of your dinner party. Make sure you choose music that is both easy to hear and appropriate for the occasion. To enhance the atmosphere, match the music with a theme (e.g. French bistro favorites or Indian curry night)

10. End with something sweet

You can make homemade chocolates to go with your cup of tea or coffee if you don’t like dessert. Mendiants are a simple way to make chocolates. They’re small, smooth circles of melted chocolate, sprinkled with nuts, dried cranberries and raisins, and are easy to make.

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