FAQ: How Much Does a Private Marquee Wedding Cost?

While a marquee wedding at your home or on the perfect location you have spent weeks searching for may sound like a great idea, it can be stressful and confusing. It can also be very expensive. We have collected the 11 essential marquee wedding tips. Every marquee wedding requires . This is the cost of each element for 120 persons. Although this is an approximate estimate, it will give you an idea of the budget .

A flat, grassy, and easily accessible area is ideal. You will need to hire a site for private hire. These can be expensive so be sure to budget for a reasonable cost if you don’t have a site or one owned by family members.

It is important to choose the type of marquee that you want for your wedding. Also, ensure that it has a suitable floor. There are many options: a tipi or a stretch marquee; a regular marquee; a yurt or a tent. Trust is key to ensuring your marquee stays up in the rain. You can find our list of recommended marquee rental suppliers right here.

One tipi can accommodate up to 50 guests depending on how many people are present. Three tipis could be combined to create a stunning set-up for a 120 guest wedding. If the floor or base is not suitable, or it is not dry enough, there may be additional charges. The company would provide sub-flooring at an additional cost.

10 toilets will be required for each 100 guests if there are not toilet facilities at your site. Don’t let your budget get in the way of hiring these facilities. Even if you are planning to place your marquee close to a house, we don’t recommend it. Prices can vary depending on the quality of your marquee. Delivery costs should also be considered.

To get water from your house or water source to your catering tent, bar, and toilets, you will need plumbing. We recommend hiring a professional plumber to pipe your plumbing.

Your band and catering equipment will absolutely require electricity. You should double-check that your marquee company supplies your generator and who is responsible for setting up and signing off on safety. You will need to hire an electrician if you are responsible.

Even if your wedding is in the summer, heating will be necessary for any subsequent events. Heating comes in various forms from indoor electrical heaters to thermostatically-controlled units located outside of your marquee. Many marquee hire coromandel companies can supply heating for your needs.

Catering & Furniture

Here is where things get tricky! After you’ve decided what type of food you want, you need to choose your caterer. Make sure you have enough space and equipment.

  1. A large kitchen or catering tent is required. Your caterer can provide you with a complete list of your requirements, including what they have and what you will need to rent from your marquee company.
  2. You will also need tableware and furniture. A bar with fridges, your catering station and seating will be required. These can be hired separately or provided by your marquee company.
  3. Tableware, serving equipment, cutlery, crockery and glassware are all important. A standard list will be provided by your caterer. These can be sourced directly from your caterer or through your marquee company.
  4. Any original design elements within the space (a cake display table, lounge area, outdoor tables and deckchairs, for example) You will need to prepare the order for hiring.
  5. Your caterer may offer an on-the day coordination service to manage the logistics of your wedding day. This basically takes on the role as a regular venue’s coordinator. This service is also available from most wedding planners, and some stylists.


The caterer may also provide staff for your event. This is usually billed separately and should be broken down by tasks and hours (waiters and cooks, bar staff and kitchen porters). We recommend that you book bar staff to clean up the event and to keep it running until guests return.

A bar is required if you plan to sell alcohol. There are three options when it comes to bar service:

  1. Make it yours. You will need to provide alcohol (bottles/kegs) and staff to clean up and wash glasses. You will need a license if you are charging alcohol.
  2. Get it done by a local publican . They may run the bar for free and charge guests as they would at their pub. You will need to transfer the license.
  3. Have your caterer do the honors. This should then be added to your staffing expenses. If you’re charging alcohol, make sure to check with your caterer about licensing requirements.

The price of your drinks will vary depending on which option you choose and how many your guests drink. Also, make sure to include wine in your meal. This one is easy if you have a calculator!

You may be covered by your existing insurance if you are getting married on your land. However, it is worth double-checking. It is a good idea to check with your wedding planner and marquee company to see if you will need public liability insurance. You will also need a cost estimate. Our dedicated post provides information on all aspects of wedding insurance.

Decor costs for any type of wedding are not predictable, whether it’s for a marquee or a country house. You can expect to spend hundreds for the most basic decor. You can double or triple that amount for more intricate decor. If you are looking to have a lot of decor, get a stylist. A stylist is worth the cost if they are able to focus on the things that make an impact and bring the whole thing together.

A Contingency Plan

Don’t forget to plan for the unexpected. To cover unexpected expenses, add 10% to your budget. You never know what could happen. While the tent or wedding marquee should be sufficient, it is worth having an indoor area for special occasions. This could increase cost.

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