How to Repurpose Event Content for More Tickets

Today’s Whiteboard Wednesday, because content is king, is about repurposing event content in order to sell more tickets. Shaina Weisinger of Repurpose House is our special guest for this project. We live in an age when content is a powerful Marketing tool. Video is the best way to use content. There are so many ways to share the message that it can be overwhelming.

Shaina will share with you her top tips this week on how to turn your audio or blog content into videos. She has everything, from awesome tools to social media tips. Shaina will show you how to repurpose your event content in order to sell more tickets for your event.

How to Repurpose event content to sell more tickets for your events

You need to create content for your event. Should be filming the sessions of people who speak on stage or present. This event content can be repurposed to sell tickets for future shows. You can cut down footage and create bite-sized content for marketing.

Second, if big names are speaking or presenting at your event, make sure you grab them. Ask them to make a promotional video. They can introduce themselves, give a testimonial for your event, and ask them to purchase tickets to your next event.

Let’s Talk Time

Continue. We will tell you how to convert your audio and blog into videos, as well as the best practices for using social media. Now, you have these amazing videos of speakers from your event. They are very long. They have talked for up to an hour. You can take two minutes from those videos to highlight something that was really impactful and that you think could stand alone.

It’s important to ensure that the two-minute video clip you choose will help your audience, their business, and their life in any way possible. Two minutes is the maximum. You’ll lose engagement after 90 seconds. So, don’t go beyond that for any social media platform. You can do it on YouTube. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

Instagram limits you to one minute. You can avoid this if you are able to produce a clip that lasts two minutes. Instagram now has a cool feature that allows you to load multiple videos in a feed. Just make sure you include “Swipe to the second half” in your comment or copy. This will allow you to get around the one-minute time limit. The best practices are to use Twitter and LinkedIn for up to two minutes.


Tag everything. If you have a pillar video where someone has said something amazing on your stage, why not tag that person in the video you’ve repurposed? Cross-promotion is what occurs. Everyone loves it when someone else brings attention to something they said. You can tag the original speaker of the quote, and they will likely share the video. Everyone loves to show off their awesomeness. So why not draw attention to it?

Share is Caring

You’ve already touched on this, but make sure you ask people to share content. Facebook, for example, is a platform that requires payment to use. Just what it is. If you load a page for a business, you won’t get as many eyes as you thought. It’s usually around 7%. If you ask people for a share or have someone on the video share it, then whoever follows or is friends with that person or who comments or engages in some way this video will appear on their feed.

It would be best if you asked for engagement and share. When I use the word engagement, I’m referring to comments and likes and asking people to share it with others. I also ask people to tag friends who would benefit from this information. This is how you can really explode the views of this piece of content in front of people you wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to. Cool?

Quote Cards

Quote cards are another option. Take a video or audio piece… We will talk about the tools that make audio possible. Quote cards can be extremely helpful. There must be at least 25 words in that 2-minute video that are just the bomb. The bomb. The bomb is still relevant. No. The bomb is appropriate today. You can use up to 25 words because anything more is a bit overwhelming. The screen is cluttered with text. Quote cards are images that show the person who said something cool and the quote. It should be short and sweet. And it should focus on the main point they made. Tag and share again.

Sizing For Channels

Each platform has a certain size they should use to achieve the best engagement. Here are some examples. These graphics are stunning! Just to be clear, I did not create these. Okay. The four platforms all share the same idea about feeds. A feed can be anything you scroll using your thumb. This includes Facebook feeds and Instagram feeds. If you scroll with your thumb on your smartphone, you are using a meal.

Square is the most suitable size for a feed on any platform. When I say square, it means one by one. The same size. All of us know what a “square” is. We’ve all passed first grade. This is going to be the best size for any social platform with feeds. Facebook and Instagram are two other similar platforms. The story size is going to be tall. This is nine by 16. This is the size of the story you want to use.

Then, you’ve got YouTube. YouTube is 16 by 9. It’s landscape. People will post the YouTube-sized video on Facebook. Square, however, has been statistically proven to perform better in tests with paid budgets. It occupies 78% more screen space. This gets 33% more views and 100% more engagement. So, use a square if you can.

Let’s now talk about the anatomy and design of an effective video. Square is the best shape, and these tips can be applied to the story version as well. This will really help with engagement. Doing a header is important. A title will prepare the viewer for what they are watching. Pose a question you know the viewers will ask themselves. You can also present a problem you know they are facing and say, “Here’s the best way to market your event.”

Then they will be asking themselves, “Oh, I don’t know these tips?” They will want to interact with the content. You can’t expect them to read the whole thing if you don’t let them know what they will be looking at. It’s important to have a big headline.

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